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August 13, 2017

New Orleans Wedding Photographer | Boho Wedding | Sadie + Josiah


Words From The Couple

New Orleans Wedding Photographer | Boho Wedding

What was your favorite wedding detail?
One of my favorite wedding details were the florals and the arrangements/decor. My florist, Ratcliffs Florist, did an amazing job and so did my decor coordinator, Sara Gray. I was so please with the beautiful arrangements and how strategic they were placed around the facility.
What is your wedding day memory?
My wedding day was so filled with joy, peace, and thankfulness. My wedding day memory involves all of my amazing bridesmaids, Momma’s, Makeup/hair stylist, and Photographer all wanting to “kill me” because I could not stop crying! The day of my wedding was the day that a long waiting season finally met the promise! I was overwhelming with Gods faithfulness and the peace that was over me that day. I cried the moment I woke up, as I was reading letters from my bridesmaids and Moms, and the rest of the day up until I walked down the isle. My stylists threatened me as she made me sit there with cucumbers setting on my face and my bridesmaids laughed and kept begging me to stop as my face was swelling by the second. We look back and laugh at these moments! I would go back and relive every moment of my wedding day, exactly as it was.

Wedding Vendors

Wedding Dress: Bustle Baton Rouge
Decor + Coordinator: Sara Gray-Foreman
Cake: Tori Smiths Cakes

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  1. Carmen LeBourgeois

    August 15th, 2017 at 12:57 AM

    Makes me want to cry!!! Beautiful, beautiful couple!!! May God bless you marriage!!!!

  2. Dana little

    August 16th, 2017 at 3:23 PM

    Absolutely beautiful wedding! I wasnt able to attend but the Spirit of the Lord was felt through the pictures. May the Lord Bless you both as you travel this journey . As you draw nearer to The Father through Christ you will draw nearer to each other .and bloom as the couple God has called you to be . No longer two but one.

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